"Who is Arthur Chu?” follows the 11-time Jeopardy! champion as he attempts to leverage his viral celebrity into a platform for social change.

Arthur Chu hacked Jeopardy! and won big. Now, he's using his newfound online celebrity to battle dark forces on the internet as a blogger and cultural pundit. Raw, unfiltered and poignant, we follow Arthur as he realizes he can only create positive change in the world if he first heals his own wounds by reconciling with his family.

Best Feature Documentary Award - Austin Asian American Film Festival Best Feature Documentary Award - DisOrient Asian American Film Festival

"Raw, unfiltered and poignant." -IndieWire

"A portrait of a man trying to cleanse himself of learned toxic masculinity." -Vice (Broadly)

"What unfolds is layers and layers of relationships…deep dives into masculinity and misogyny…What a ride.” -Rabble

"Gu and Drucker have masterfully displayed a modern human experience…That is the beauty of this documentary: to help us see ourselves and our family, and to help us remember it is okay to be wrong, to have trauma, to be awful, to be understood and misunderstood, to be human." -Taiwanese American Review

"Chu may be the title character, but the Internet earns second billing throughout the film." -Ars Technica

"A very compelling document of a complicated individual and the exciting yet troubling times he is situated in." -VC Cinema Show

"I can’t remember a doc that I’ve more strongly related to, ever." -YOMYOMF

"I found myself rooting for Chu." -Slug Magazine